We've upgraded our loyalty rewards, and from now on you'll get access to these fabulous extras:

    • Exclusive Discounts & Offers
    • Perks-Only Giveaways
    • Extra Rewards As You Shop
    • Early Access to New Products
    • Bigger Referral Rewards

How does that sound? if you'd like to get involved follow the steps below to join the Perks Squad.


We can't send you exclusives without this! but if already subscribed you can skip this step 😋


You need to use this account when checking out with us to make sure you secure all the VM Points.


Once you've joined and signed up, you can look out for the purple button labelled "Rewards" at the bottom of each page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the step-by-step on this page, but all we require from you is a store account and to be an active subscriber to our email list. As long as you meet this criteria you'll be earning rewards while you shop!

Simple answer is, no we cannot retroactively reward points from previous purchases made more than 1 day after signing up to the program, but if it is within 24 hours you can contact us via live chat on-site, or email help@mtsigroup.com and we can help you out!

You can do this from any page on the website by simply clicking the purple "Rewards" button in the bottom left of each page, if you are logged in you'll have full overview of your account while you shop.

The most common solution to this is that the email associated with your store account is different to the one you've checked out with, but if this does occur please contact our live chat or email help@mtsigroup.com and we can investigate and fix it.