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Korean Beauty Tips by Vitamasques

Curated Korean skincare blog - featuring our hand-picked selection of articles, music and videos. Learn about what ingredients and extracts go into our masks, third-party experts we love to watch and music to get relax too!

Monthly Reads: April Round-up


If you're like us we love to keep up to date with all the latest from magazines, bloggers and YouTubers that are abundant out there - and we also know that there is SOO much to check out that there is literally not enough time in the day, so each month we hand-pick our best reads so you can save yourself some time!

First up's article on How To Wash Your Face Based on Skin Type:

Korean skincare is all about the layering process and multi-step approach to remove impurities, hydrate, nourish and then lock-in all that goodness, so a natural question we get asked a lot about is how to approach cleansing the skin in preparation for your desired regime and luckily Into the Gloss have done a brilliant job at explaining how to cater for each skin type.

i-D talk to Iranian-American Fashion Blogger Hoda Katebi who was criticized on live-TV for "Not sounding American enough":

We've always enjoyed strong-independent people at VITAMASQUES who stand up for what they believe in, and Hoda Katebi is a shining example.

When I was 16 I had the totally wrong idea about softness and femininity. I thought they were vices. I also thought that boys make better friends than girls, that gender is binary, my nose is too big, and that Israel is a democracy.
— Hoda Katebi

NYLON Magazine gives some great advice on the 7 Skin Sins That Are Making You Breakout 

Another common issue that most people fight on a daily basis is the Breakout war - no one wants them, yet like that odd cousin they do visit when you lest want them too... but thankfully Nylon has some amazing tips that will help give you the edge to victory over breakouts.

Paper magazine talks openly and honestly with Janelle about being "Pansexual"

Having just released a brand new album, and finally answered critics on her sexuality Janelle discusses our new-era of various sexual-identifications and the empowering nature of being a strong-queer black woman in America.

Pibuu are releasing all the secrets with this Toner Wash K-Beauty Hack for Extra Moisture

We're always looking at ways to boost your skins ability to retain moisture, hydrate and generally improve it in anyway possible - so this is naturally a great hack to get the most out of your toners which are an essential part of any Korean-based beauty routine. If you try it out let us know how it worked out for you!

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