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How To Work Korean Skincare into Your Daily Routine | 3 Simple Tips


So, you’ve heard all the hype about Korean skincare, but you’re not sure where and how to start working it in your in your day-to-day routine?  

Read on for our 3 simple tips to kick off your daily KBeauty regime.

And remember, whether you do a daily, weekly, or overnight mask, cleanse your face before you apply it. This gets rid of any impurities and preps your skin for better absorption.

Once you’ve taken your mask off, pat your favourite moisturiser gently all over your face to lock in the goodness of the mask’s ingredients.

1: Use a daily sheet mask based on your skin’s needs.

One of the (if not THE) most popular KBeauty products are the Korean sheet masks. And hey, they just happen to be our product of expertise. Did you know, each sheet mask is designed to achieve a specific skin benefit? They don’t all do the same thing with a slightly different smell. Each sheet mask is packed with different active ingredients for specific skin benefits.

No matter which mask you go for, get ready for an intensely hydrating experience. All of our masks include triple layer sheet technology, inspired by Korean innovation and designed to enhance the moisture content and increase the absorption rate within the skin. 

Start your foray into the Korean beauty world by picking up a pack of sheet masks that cater to your skin’s needs. Browse our classic collection or check out some of our favourite picks below:

For moisturising + firming + lifting: Our Pomegranate sheet masks, high in antioxidants and vitamin C.

For detoxifying + pore tightening: Our Bamboo Charcoal sheet masks, with real extracts of activated bamboo charcoal.

For hydrating + moisturising: Our Manuka Honey sheet masks, with real extracts of Manuka Honey.

2:  Refresh your skin overnight with a nutritious sleep in mask

Korean women love face masks so much, they even sleep in them. And it may be time to get involved. Think of our Sleep In Collection masks as intensely hydrating and active night creams that will give you an instant morning glow. Snooze your way to glowing skin by incorporating this Korean Skincare staple into your nightly regime. You’ll soon see the benefit of letting your skin soak in these nutritious and soothing ingredients as you sleep.

3: Stay hydrated with a more intense weekly sheet mask

Hydration is at the heart of a classic Korean Skincare regime. Many Korean women layer different hydrating products so the moisture can really penetrate their skin. Some even use more than one Korean sheet mask a day to maximise hydration!

If you don’t have time for daily layering or using more than one mask every day, try using a more intense hydrating sheet mask once or twice a week. Our Hydro Face Mask is clinically proven to keep your skin hydrated for up to 120 hours. Remember to keep your water intake up through the day to stay truly hydrated.

Video by: @Lifeofablueberry
Written by: Maha Elley