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Delivering Korean Skincare products with quality and premium ingredients, at affordable prices with our unique & amazing collections.

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Curated Korean skincare blog - featuring our hand-picked selection of articles, music and videos. Learn about what ingredients and extracts go into our masks, third-party experts we love to watch and music to get relax too!

Psshh! Here is the secret you want for skincare



Find out how to lock in moisture for up to 120 hours with one, easy-to-use hydrogel face mask...

Okay, we lied. There is no super secret method of keeping your skin soft, moisturised and flawless it's simply science - with our Artificial Moisturising Factor the Rose of Jericho Hydro Mask enhances the skin's natural ability to retain moisture and gives it a supercharged boost!

Rose of Jericho - The Resurrection Plant

Found in the Mexican desert Chihuahua, it's one of nature's miracles and we can see why - It has an amazing ability after rainy seasons pass of drying up, dropping all its leaves and curling itself into a ball to go into "hibernation". The fruit inside is protected by this process and stops them being released too early.

Even when the rainy season doesn't come, and there is no moisture to absorb this plant lies dormant and waits, it uproots itself and tumbles across the desert until it finds a water source - even if this goes on for many years.

We've harnessed this plants miracle ability and locked it into a Hydrogel Sheet mask that's easy-to-use, no fuss or cleanup and gives your skin that extra boost of moisture retention just like this amazing plant.

Our customers seem to agree and it's one of our personal favourites here at Vitamasques HQ.

"The most AMAZING mask I have ever tried! Would recommend this one definitely!"
- MyBeautyCupboard via

"Amazing actually keeps your skin hydrated love it !!"
- Alexis17 via

"One of the best and most hydrating masks I have ever tried."
- Milly via

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