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Delivering Korean Skincare products with quality and premium ingredients, at affordable prices with our unique & amazing collections.

Korean Beauty Tips by Vitamasques

Curated Korean skincare blog - featuring our hand-picked selection of articles, music and videos. Learn about what ingredients and extracts go into our masks, third-party experts we love to watch and music to get relax too!

Monthly Reads: April Round-up


If you're like us we love to keep up to date with all the latest from magazines, bloggers and YouTubers that are abundant out there - and we also know that there is SOO much to check out that there is literally not enough time in the day, so each month we hand-pick our best reads so you can save yourself some time!

First up's article on How To Wash Your Face Based on Skin Type:

Korean skincare is all about the layering process and multi-step approach to remove impurities, hydrate, nourish and then lock-in all that goodness, so a natural question we get asked a lot about is how to approach cleansing the skin in preparation for your desired regime and luckily Into the Gloss have done a brilliant job at explaining how to cater for each skin type.

i-D talk to Iranian-American Fashion Blogger Hoda Katebi who was criticized on live-TV for "Not sounding American enough":

We've always enjoyed strong-independent people at VITAMASQUES who stand up for what they believe in, and Hoda Katebi is a shining example.

When I was 16 I had the totally wrong idea about softness and femininity. I thought they were vices. I also thought that boys make better friends than girls, that gender is binary, my nose is too big, and that Israel is a democracy.
— Hoda Katebi

NYLON Magazine gives some great advice on the 7 Skin Sins That Are Making You Breakout 

Another common issue that most people fight on a daily basis is the Breakout war - no one wants them, yet like that odd cousin they do visit when you lest want them too... but thankfully Nylon has some amazing tips that will help give you the edge to victory over breakouts.

Paper magazine talks openly and honestly with Janelle about being "Pansexual"

Having just released a brand new album, and finally answered critics on her sexuality Janelle discusses our new-era of various sexual-identifications and the empowering nature of being a strong-queer black woman in America.

Pibuu are releasing all the secrets with this Toner Wash K-Beauty Hack for Extra Moisture

We're always looking at ways to boost your skins ability to retain moisture, hydrate and generally improve it in anyway possible - so this is naturally a great hack to get the most out of your toners which are an essential part of any Korean-based beauty routine. If you try it out let us know how it worked out for you!

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Self-Care Rituals By Sarirah Hamid of


Pouring myself a cup of tea, slipping on a sheet mask and closing my eyes to the sound of a podcast. Some days, this is what self-care feels like to me. Other days it’s deep cleaning my work space, walking on the farm or setting out trays to grow seedlings in Spring. This journey through slow living, mindful moments and exploration has led me to really understand that self-care can be so many different things.

It’s about understanding what you need (in mind, body and soul) at that moment in time. And today, I needed myself a moment of calm before tumbling into a bustling Friday of work.


A cup of turmeric-infused tea followed by Vitamasques Aloe Vera Hydro Jelly Mask to start the day.

I’m a big fan of multi-step masks so I love that this starts by tearing off the top to apply the jelly as a cooling, refreshing serum. After patting this into my skin, the sheet mask smooths on. I want to say that I then read a book or sat myself down for some meditation but the reality is that I took a 25-minute power nap. That’s what my body needed at that moment (no matter how much it doesn’t fit the self-care aesthetic we’ve all come to expect online). I woke up feeling ready to tackle my to-do list with super hydrated and soothed skin. Plus, with the added Vitamin C, I’ll be starting my weekend with a radiant complexion.

These sheet masks are the thin translucent kind so they sit comfortably on the skin and don’t slip down your face. The jelly formulation that the sheet is soaked in is non-dripping which is much appreciated. I would have been happy to bake a tray of cookies wearing this. There’s still quite a lot of the aloe jelly serum left in the pack so true to my style, this will be saved for tonight’s and tomorrow morning’s skincare routine.

 Made in South Korea, Vitamasques provide cruelty-free and paraben-free sheet masks using top skin beneficial ingredients (particularly the superfood kind) and innovative formulations.

Made in South Korea, Vitamasques provide cruelty-free and paraben-free sheet masks using top skin beneficial ingredients (particularly the superfood kind) and innovative formulations.

I was most impressed with their Sleep In 3D Masks . Adorably packaged embracing the foodie beauty trend, these little pods come with a miniature spatula to mix the two formulations. There’s a gel around the outside of the pod and a cream texture packed with all the key ingredient goodness at the centre. They’re the Kinder Surprise of skincare! Mix it up, apply to skin (there’s enough product to take it down your neck) and let it sink in overnight. Rich in antioxidants and Vitamins B, C and E, the avocado was my first pick - a superfood favourite. There are also mango, pearl powder and egg protein versions in the range.

Exploring slow beauty has been a journey of mine for this year. Finding pockets of time to whisk myself away for a moment of relaxation with skincare benefits. Despite being such a sheet mask junkie since 2016, Vitamasques were the first sheet masks I’d tried this year. It was a solid reminder that sometimes you need to slow down and take a moment. Don’t get caught up in the rush of the convenience of in-shower face masks being the only option. It also made me realise how energising a power nap could be. Next time, I’ll be adding one of their Eye Slices to soothe my tired eyes that spend most of the day staring at screens.

Having the opportunity to explore the Vitamasques range has not only reminded me that self-care is whatever you want it to be (no judgement) but that “Sheet Mask Sunday” should be reinstated. A weekly date that consists of tea, a power nap and some vitamin rich skin hydration.

How To Work Korean Skincare into Your Daily Routine | 3 Simple Tips


So, you’ve heard all the hype about Korean skincare, but you’re not sure where and how to start working it in your in your day-to-day routine?  

Read on for our 3 simple tips to kick off your daily KBeauty regime.

And remember, whether you do a daily, weekly, or overnight mask, cleanse your face before you apply it. This gets rid of any impurities and preps your skin for better absorption.

Once you’ve taken your mask off, pat your favourite moisturiser gently all over your face to lock in the goodness of the mask’s ingredients.

1: Use a daily sheet mask based on your skin’s needs.

One of the (if not THE) most popular KBeauty products are the Korean sheet masks. And hey, they just happen to be our product of expertise. Did you know, each sheet mask is designed to achieve a specific skin benefit? They don’t all do the same thing with a slightly different smell. Each sheet mask is packed with different active ingredients for specific skin benefits.

No matter which mask you go for, get ready for an intensely hydrating experience. All of our masks include triple layer sheet technology, inspired by Korean innovation and designed to enhance the moisture content and increase the absorption rate within the skin. 

Start your foray into the Korean beauty world by picking up a pack of sheet masks that cater to your skin’s needs. Browse our classic collection or check out some of our favourite picks below:

For moisturising + firming + lifting: Our Pomegranate sheet masks, high in antioxidants and vitamin C.

For detoxifying + pore tightening: Our Bamboo Charcoal sheet masks, with real extracts of activated bamboo charcoal.

For hydrating + moisturising: Our Manuka Honey sheet masks, with real extracts of Manuka Honey.

2:  Refresh your skin overnight with a nutritious sleep in mask

Korean women love face masks so much, they even sleep in them. And it may be time to get involved. Think of our Sleep In Collection masks as intensely hydrating and active night creams that will give you an instant morning glow. Snooze your way to glowing skin by incorporating this Korean Skincare staple into your nightly regime. You’ll soon see the benefit of letting your skin soak in these nutritious and soothing ingredients as you sleep.

3: Stay hydrated with a more intense weekly sheet mask

Hydration is at the heart of a classic Korean Skincare regime. Many Korean women layer different hydrating products so the moisture can really penetrate their skin. Some even use more than one Korean sheet mask a day to maximise hydration!

If you don’t have time for daily layering or using more than one mask every day, try using a more intense hydrating sheet mask once or twice a week. Our Hydro Face Mask is clinically proven to keep your skin hydrated for up to 120 hours. Remember to keep your water intake up through the day to stay truly hydrated.

Video by: @Lifeofablueberry
Written by: Maha Elley

Psshh! Here is the secret you want for skincare



Find out how to lock in moisture for up to 120 hours with one, easy-to-use hydrogel face mask...

Okay, we lied. There is no super secret method of keeping your skin soft, moisturised and flawless it's simply science - with our Artificial Moisturising Factor the Rose of Jericho Hydro Mask enhances the skin's natural ability to retain moisture and gives it a supercharged boost!

Rose of Jericho - The Resurrection Plant

Found in the Mexican desert Chihuahua, it's one of nature's miracles and we can see why - It has an amazing ability after rainy seasons pass of drying up, dropping all its leaves and curling itself into a ball to go into "hibernation". The fruit inside is protected by this process and stops them being released too early.

Even when the rainy season doesn't come, and there is no moisture to absorb this plant lies dormant and waits, it uproots itself and tumbles across the desert until it finds a water source - even if this goes on for many years.

We've harnessed this plants miracle ability and locked it into a Hydrogel Sheet mask that's easy-to-use, no fuss or cleanup and gives your skin that extra boost of moisture retention just like this amazing plant.

Our customers seem to agree and it's one of our personal favourites here at Vitamasques HQ.

"The most AMAZING mask I have ever tried! Would recommend this one definitely!"
- MyBeautyCupboard via

"Amazing actually keeps your skin hydrated love it !!"
- Alexis17 via

"One of the best and most hydrating masks I have ever tried."
- Milly via

Why not give it a go yourself? and let us know what you think - tag us on Instagram #Vitamasques


What happens when you mix Korean skincare and affordability?



Korean face masks have gained notoriety in recent years and have been hailed for there outstanding skincare benefits such as cleansing, exfoliating, brightening and moisturising.

Sheet masks have surged in popularity due to the ease-of-use and no fuss approach. The competitive Korean market has created the need for each brand to innovate and experiment with unique applicators and ingredients.

We've worked closely with Korean beauty experts to help tailor our range and implement revolutionary sheet mask technology into our ranges. This has earned us acclaim and praise not only for the results our masks give but for the purity and quality that Vitamasques customers expect.

Why choose sheet masks over traditional treatments?

Traditional mud masks and regular face masks can be messy and time consuming to apply/clean up. That's why with our sheet mask ranges that only contain natural fragrances, ingredients and high-quality extracts you are guaranteed quality above all else, unlike many cheaper alternatives that can do more harm than good to your skin.

But there are also some other dermatological benefits which mud masks can’t achieve…

By setting the cloth on your face, it allows all the moisture to be locked into the skin, giving it a better chance to really condition the skin. The cloth creates a vacuum effect which blocks out the free radicals in the air. It allows a deeper penetration of the skin cells.

What makes Vitamasques different?

While we are conventionally a cheaper alternative to these regular facial treatments and mud masks, the added benefits of locking in moisture, ease of use and convenience all add up to create a premium spa-fresh feeling - we even offer the Hydrogel Rose of Jericho face mask that can hydrate your skin for up to 5 days in 1 application.

What do our customers say?

Our ranges have received great feedback from customers and retailers such as Topshop, ASOS, and Beauty Bay - so much so, that within the first days of launching on these platforms we had sold out.

"... I have very sensitive skin which is prone to redness on my cheeks and can be dry. When I placed this mask on my face it felt wonderful, so cooling and refreshing, it was a real treat." 
Purplehaze via

How do we guarantee premium quality at low prices?

We've invested millions of pounds researching and testing facilities to ensure we get only the best sheet masks from Korea and at an affordable price. 

Our in-house trials conducted have proven that the purity of Vitamasques is unmatched to any of its competitors due to our rigorous standards of manufacturing, storage and selection processes.

Our founders - husband and wife duo Majid and Emma had a few words to say:

 "We have travelled to Seoul for many years and have noticed the fast-growing demand Koreans have had for skin care and having used the sheet masks in Korea we just knew that the UK consumers were missing out on something amazing. Having researched and developed masks that are suitable for all skin types, Men and Women - we have had nothing but huge success with bringing Korean innovation and technology in skin care to our UK and International customers."

Some of the Vitamasques products such as the Hydrogel Collection which provides ongoing moisture for up to 5 days and the best selling Classic Range, which are a combination of superfoods, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

If you’ve never tried out a sheet mask, we strongly encourage you to. You know what they say: once you go sheet, you’ll never go back… 

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